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1. ActiveMQ
Quick tutorial on ActiveMQ Web Console in 5 minutes
Tutorial on how to use ActiveMQ web console for JMS related developers.

2. Camel
A simple example on how to use netty component in camel
Tutorial on how to use camel-netty component to receive and response socket message within Spring context.

3. Log
How to disable c3p0 from writing log to screen (stderr)
Hints on how to prevent one of the most used database connection pool from writing log to stderr.
How to config logback for basic usage
Example of logback configuration file for most common usage
Using log MDC in multi-thread - Hello World example
MDC is very common in most logging system(slf4j/logback/log4j). Making good use of MDC can provide more helpful info in log output.

4. Restful
Response for GET/POST/PUT/DELETE in REST web service
The response code for GET/POST/PUT/DELETE request in restful web service


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