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1. CDI

2. EJB

3. JPA
How to generate Java classes from existing database tables for JPA
Tutorial on how to automatically create Java JPA entity classes from database tables in Eclipse
How to configure primary key generator in JPA Entity for Oracle
Tutorial on how to configure generator strategy for Oracle primary key in JPA entity class definition
How to understand the meaning @Temporal annotation and its values
Demo shows how to understand the meaning of all @Temporal values for date related columns
How to understand Persistence Context Collision in JEE
Understand persistence context collision in JPA. When will this happen and how to avoid.
Most used Hibernate properties during development
Most used Hibernate properties during development. How to use them in JPA and Spring boot project.

4. JSF

5. Misc
How to set maven JEE project in Eclipse
Write your first maven JEE project, auto deploy and run on Glassfish
Maven Dependencies for JEE 7
Brief list of maven dependencies for JEE7 project
HTML Tags for JavaServer Faces (JSF)
Mostly used HTML tags in JSF page


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