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1. Basic
Optimize static import assist in Eclipse
Optimize static import assist in Eclipse, since most unit test frameworks heavily rely on static import. 
Improve content assist for xml editing in Eclipse
Let Eclipse provide more useful assist when editing XML file 
2. Debug related
Remote Debug in Eclipse
How to connect to application in production environment, set break point and single-step run in Eclipse.

3. Database related
Add Oracle DB connection in Eclipse
Tutorial on how to add oracle database connection in Eclipse.
Create Java entity class from existent database table for JPA
Tutorial on how to automatically create Java entity classes from tables in database by using JPA tools in Eclipse

4. Web related
How to setup Spring MVC project with maven in Eclipse
How to setup maven Spring MVC project in Eclipse step by step
How to set maven JEE project in Eclipse
Write your first maven JEE project, auto deploy and run on Glassfish

5. Test related
How to separate integration test from unit test
How to put integrtion test cases in a different directory from unit test cases, but still in the same project. Make both eclipse and maven happy with it.


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