Thursday, March 31, 2016

What are default handlers/resolvers in Spring DispatcherServlet

Spring webmvc's DispatcherServlet rely on several important notions.

  • HandlerMapping  - find which controller's which method to process current http request.
  • HandlerAdapter - use HandlerMapping's result, actually make performe the request handling, return a ModelAndView object
  • ViewResolver - find view object by view's name in HandlerAdaper's return. This one with previous 2 are the main logic of spring's DispatcherServlet.
  • HandlerExceptionResolver - find correct method to handle any exception occured in previous process.
  • LocaleResolver - resolve Locale
  • ThemeResolver - find theme

The first 4 are the key conponents in spring webmvc's DispatcherServlet.

Here is how can you find out the default values for a certain spring webmvc version.  All these default values are defined in a properties file,, in the same directory with DispatcherServlet class.  So in Eclipse maven project, you can simple open the spring mvc package and open this file from the maven dependencies like below.



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